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December · 2007 · Weddings!

New Girl!

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LJ Username : treysbride1305
Age: 18
Location: Georgia
Fiance's Name: Trey
Fiance's LJ Username? : n/a
Fiance's Age: 20
How did you and your fiance meet?: Seventh grade math class
How long have you been together?: oh wow, on and off for two years, and we've been officially together for four years and 5 months so around the ballpark of 5 and a 1/2 years.
What was the proposal like?: simple..just like us.
Who did you tell the news to first: my parents
Have you started to plan your wedding yet?: We've pretty much have everything done due to the fact we were supposed to get married december of this year but had to push it back due to Trey starting his career in EMS.
Do you have your own personal wedding web site @ theknot.com?: no.
How many people are you going to have/would you like to have?: we're in the ball park of 90-100
Wedding Theme: Winter/Christmas
Wedding Colors: Red and white
Wedding Dress:

Wedding Shoes:
in white
Wedding Jewelry:

Something Old:
great grandmother's hanky from my father's mother's side.
Something New:
Something Borrowed:
Something Blue:
Location of Wedding Ceremony:
Location of Wedding Reception:
Will there be any religious or cultural traditions incorperated into your wedding?: no
How many people are in your wedding party?: four girls and two guys
Date of Wedding: 12/15/2007
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On February 12th, 2007 06:24 am (UTC), guitar777 commented:
that looks like an healty dog, but I find it unethical to dress animals
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