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December · 2007 · Weddings!

Name: Kara LJ Username : thisonetimeat Age: 25 Location: Texas…

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Name: Kara
LJ Username : thisonetimeat
Age: 25
Location: Texas
Fiance's Name: Chris
Fiance's LJ Username? : bumpcrud
Fiance's Age: 25
How did you and your fiance meet?: we were the best of friends in highschool
How long have you been together?: 8 years
What was the proposal like?: amazing! He wrote me a song
Who did you tell the news to first: we sent out mass text msgs to all our friends and family
Have you started to plan your wedding yet?: we planned for a nice long 11 months
Do you have your own personal wedding web site @ theknot.com?: yep; right here!
How many people are you going to have/would you like to have?: we had 102 people show up
Wedding Theme: elegance
Wedding Colors: crimson and cream
Wedding Dress: Photobucketgetting ready.
Photobucket First Dance.
Wedding Shoes: Photobucket
Wedding Jewelry: Photobucket
Something Old: my mom's handkerchief
Something New: pearls/dress etc.
Something Borrowed: petticoat
Something Blue: the handkerchief had blue in it too.
Location of Wedding Ceremony: St. Mary's of the Miraculous Medal in Texas
Location of Wedding Reception: the hall of the church
Will there be any religious or cultural traditions incorporated into your wedding?: it was a full on Catholic wedding.
How many people are in your wedding party?: 27....
Date of Wedding: it was December 1, 2007
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