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December · 2007 · Weddings!

New :)

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Name: Kat
LJ Username : tasteless_void
Age: 20
Location: Southern California, but our wedding will be in Mesa, Arizona
Fiance's Name: Garrett
Fiance's LJ Username? : N/A
Fiance's Age: 29
How did you and your fiance meet?: Through work
How long have you been together?: 16 months
What was the proposal like?: Very sweet.
Who did you tell the news to first: My parents
Have you started to plan your wedding yet?: Yes'm, we'd have issues if I didn't by now :)
Do you have your own personal wedding web site @ theknot.com?: N/A
How many people are you going to have/would you like to have?: 50
Wedding Theme: Winterish
Wedding Colors: Ivory and soft blues
Wedding Dress: An ivory halter Empire dress from David's Bridal
Wedding Shoes: Just some sandals from DB
Wedding Jewelry: Silver necklace & earrings
Something Old: My silver bracelet
Something New: Everything else I have =p
Something Borrowed: Unsure
Something Blue: A garter
Location of Wedding Ceremony: Regency Garden (a beautiful estate)
Location of Wedding Reception: Same as above
Will there be any religious or cultural traditions incorporated into your wedding?: Unsure
How many people are in your wedding party?: 2; the best man, & the maid of honor =p
Date of Wedding: December 11th, 2007.
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